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The Latest Development and Application of Plastic Extrusion Technology


Making plastic is a time-consuming task that involves a lot of labor and technological innovation. This calls for an updated component for processing high-quality plastic products with a lot of precision, which is where the plastic extrusion machine comes in.

The plastic extrusion machine is the best fit for all; the development and innovation of extruder technology have always been accompanied by the development of plastic processing technology. From the perspective of some domestic and foreign enterprises, the current development and innovation of extrusion technology are mainly driven from three aspects; technology improvement and optimization, innovative technology, and extrusion application, and with control and software technology to improve extrusion performance. This article will help summarize the innovation points and development factors of extrusion technology for the readers of the plastic processing and plastic machinery industry to promote the progress of China’s plastics processing equipment.

Improvement and optimization of existing technology

The increase in the demand for plastic products also brings certain challenges to plastic machinery extrusion technology.

In order to ensure the plasticizing effect and processing efficiency, new screw designs are attempted, such as chaotic screws, the screw use variable grooves to establish chaotic flow in screw extrusion, to improve the melting, plasticizing and mixing effects and reduce the energy consumption in the extrusion process achieving a high output and low consumption. The technology has already applied for related patents and has won the national technological progress award, but it has not yet appeared in the report.

Innovative application of extrusion technology

At present, in the application of extrusion technology, the most popular spread is the extrusion rheology rotor extrusion technology, designed by the principle of extension rheology proposed by the academician Qu Jinping of the South China University of Technology. This extruder allows changing the traditional Screws and working principle.

In addition, in order to improve efficiency, energy consumption, and reduce noise, several European companies currently use mini motor direct connection technology. The motor no longer drives the screw to rotate after changing the speed, but directly drives the screw to rotate. Its advantages improve the overall efficiency of the extruder and reduce noise.

In some plastic products that have very high requirements for extrusion accuracy and crystal point control of products, such as artificial blood vessels, high-precision optical fibers, etc., a melt pump is generally configured. The melt pump is installed in the extruder Series voltage stabilizing device between the heads.

Improve extrusion performance with the help of control technology and software technology

Softwares and virtual processing were mainly used in the design and manufacture of machinery in the early years, but with the combination of polymer and mechanical manufacturing, the technology has been applied to the extrusion process through the understanding of polymer processing parameters and rheological data Development. There is a trend towards integration and intelligence. 

In general, in the development and innovation of extrusion technology, although Chinese companies and universities as a whole have a certain gap compared with European companies, with the development of domestic plastic processing companies and the narrowing of the generation gap between science and technology, China has The development of these fields has gradually emerged internationally. In the near future, China’s plastics processing technology innovation will lead to the development of the industry.

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