PP PE Bottle Flakes Single Stage Recycling and Pelletizing line
PP PE rigid Flakes recycling and granulation machine adopts high-performance single screw extruder which is suitable for plastic raw material like PE, PP, ABS, PC, PET, etc. It’s suitable to recycle rigid plastic scrap, bottle flakes and engineering plastic. Non-stop screen changer can realize high production capacity. And different materials will adopt different cutting ways: water-ring, stripping cutting, under-water cutting, ect. The whole line adopts PLC control system and large liquid crystal screen, which makes the operation very convenient. YILI Machinery which has more than 15 years’ experience, which can promise the best quality, advanced equipment, perfect after-sale service.

Applicable Material

Technical Specification

ModelCapacity (kg/hr)Screw Size (mm)L/D ratioEnergy consumption (kw/kg)


Main Machines For The Line

Single screw extruder

Single screw extruder is widely used in most waste plastic recycling lines. Depends on different of material, we will design different L/D ratio and screw design to make the reached capacity and best plastination of raw material. There will one or two degas ports in the extruder for degassifing the moisture or ink inside material. The heating of screw and barrel will be by ceramic heaters or magnetic heaters and it will cooled by air fans or by water.

Quantitative Feeder

Quantitative feeder is used to feed the plastic flakes into the extruder with even speed, which will avoid material bridge and uneven feeding. With quantitative feeder, the extruder will run more stable and efficient.

Non-stop large area filter

The non-stop filter is used to filter out the impurities inside material during pelletizing, the whole machine will run continuously without stopping to remove the dirties. There are different types of filters for customers to choose, such as plate type of filter, double-column type of filter, back-impulse automatic dirty pushing filter, wireless filter.

Pneumatic Watering cutter

The watering cutting is one type of cutting method in plastic recycling and granulation machine, it offers continuous working without labor. The material will be cut into 3mm size of granules with water coming out together, Pneumatic watering cutting is designed mostly for PE material and also other plastics like PP with MFI less than 8. There are other cutting types, such as spaghetti cutting and under water cutting , depends on different types of material request.

High efficiency centrifugal dryer

The centrifugal dryer is used to dry the plastic granules which are cut with water from watering cutting or under water cutting. There are different models to meet different capacity request. After centrifugal dryer, the granules will be taken out more than 98% of moisture.

What does it cost?

Our complete lines are custom designed to meet the specific features of your application and production needs. Contact our sales team today to get an accurate estimate for your project.