Plastic film Single Stage Cutter Compactor Recycling Pelletizing Line

The ZL series compacting and pelletizing system combines function of crushing, compacting, plasticization and pelletizing to one step. Applied in the plastics recycling and pelletizing process, it is a reliable and efficiency solution for plastics film, raffias, filaments, bags, woven bags and foaming materials re-pelletizing.

The final product will be in pellet form and can be placed directly into the production line for blowing film, tube extrusion and injection molding.

It consists of two sets of Single-Screw Extruders , suitable for printing ink heavy, high moisture content, poor fluidity and temperature sensitive, high impurity content materials, which requires the double filtration system, multiple exhaust and other higher requirements. The underwater cutting is good at different type and high viscosity polymer cutting, which can achieve high capacity comparing with spaghetti cutting. The whole pelletizing line realizes automatic production, easy to operate, low noise, good granules quality.

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Applicable Material

Technical Specification

ModelCapacity (kg/hr)Screw Size (mm)L/D ratioEnergy consumption (kw/kg)


Main Machines For The Line

Feeding Belt Conveyor

Belt conveyor is the standard feeding device to send the plastic soft wastes such as scraps, filaments, raffias, films to cutter compactor. If the waste films are in roll, an option is to use roller haul-off feeding device to send the films to compactor. The feeding speed is controlled by inverter, which is integrated with the compactor current. It will feed automatically according to the requirements of compactor.

Cutter compactor

Cutter compactor works with fixed knives at side of compactor body and rotary knives at bottom plate of compactor. It can both cut the material into small pieces and make little agglomeration of the material, which remove the moisture inside material and let the feeding to extruder more stable and easier. The temperature inside compactor will go increasing by cutting and frication, there is over temperature cooling automatically. On top of compactor, there is exhaust device installed to such the moisture and dust during running of compactor.

Melt Filter

In pelletizing line, both double-column filters and plate type filters can be choose depends on customers filtering requirements. It can put multilayers of meshes inside for better filtering according to pellets quality requirements.

Water ring pelletizer

Water ring cutting system is the standard configuration for making PE PP recycling and pelletizing, which is easy in running with less manpower. But materials with high flow rate material and high viscosity, we will suggest to use under water cutting or spaghetti cutting. We will suggest the suitable cutting for customer according to the material.

Degassing port

Degassing port is designed to help removing the moisture and gas dirty inside material during running. The screw design at degassing port will have multi-stirring function, which helps material to make better degasification

Centrifugal Dryer

After granules are cut from water ring cutting , it will go to centrifugal dryer for dewatering and drying. The vertical type of centrifugal dryer is specially designed for recycling pellets, which is low noise, high dryness, and large capacity.

Vibration Sieve

The vibration sieve is used to sorting the granules after cutting to get universal sizes of final products, and at the time cooling down more the final granules.

What does it cost?

Our complete lines are custom designed to meet the specific features of your application and production needs. Contact our sales team today to get an accurate estimate for your project.