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Plastic Film Double Stage Cutter Compactor Recycling Pelletizing Line

The ZL series compacting and pelletizing system combines function of crushing, compacting, plasticization and pelletizing to one step. Applied in the plastics recycling and pelletizing process, it is a reliable and efficiency solution for plastics film, raffias, filaments, bags, woven bags and foaming materials re-pelletizing. The final product will be in pellet form and can be placed directly into the production line for blowing film, tube extrusion and injection molding. It consists of two sets of Single-Screw Extruders , suitable for printing ink heavy, high moisture content, poor fluidity and temperature sensitive, high impurity content materials, which requires the double filtration system, multiple exhaust and other higher requirements. The underwater cutting is good at different type and high viscosity polymer cutting, which can achieve high capacity comparing with spaghetti cutting. The whole pelletizing line realizes automatic production, easy to operate, low noise, good granules quality. YILI Machinery specializes in the development, production and sales of one-stop waste recycling solutions. If you are looking for a trustworthy Plastics Recycling Machine manufacturer, just contact us with any question, inquiry or concern you might have and we will reply as quickly as possible.

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Advantage of Recycling Washing Line


ModelCapacity(kg/hr)Screw Size(mm)L/D ratioEnergy consumption

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