Heating mixer is also called high speed mixer. The SHR series high speed mixer made by YILI Machinery are used in mixing, stirring, drying, coloring materials in Plastics, rubber, and chemical industries. SHR series mixers adopt advanced design, so it is convenient and safe in operation. It offers small sizes, light weight, high efficiency, low energy consumption and low noise. Every year YILI Machinery produces more than 400 sets of mixers from small to big, our mixers are exported to more than 100 countries, with high performance and long life time. All customers are happy with the mixers and keep on ordering the mixers in long years. We hope to have more customers like you to help us move more forward.



The inside wall of pot body of heating mixer is made of δ 6mm SUS304 stainless steel. The inside surface of pot body is smooth, hard and raw material is not easy to adhere. Also it offers characteristics such as high wear resistance, high corrode resistance, and high temperature resistance.

The lid is made of ZL102 cast aluminum, and is polished. The lid is light and easy to open.

The bottom of mixer are made of δ 8mm SUS304 stainless steel. The agitating blade is made of ZG1Cr18Ni9Ti stainless steel and polished.

The lid is opened by pneumatic equipment. The material of mixer is cooled through water circulation. The main shaft of heating mixer runs depending on deep groove ball bearing, which is reliable and stable.

The seal of main shaft adopts frame oil seal of different specifications and sizes. The main shaft of heating mixer is equipped with air seal.

The motor and gear box connected by belt, which ensure reliable work and avoid of overload.

The mixing unit is equipped with safety protection device to ensure the safety of operator.

Technical Specification:

ModelTotal Volume(L)Effective Volume(L)Motor power(Kw)Main shaft speed(r/min)Heating WayUnload way
SHR-25A2517.55.51440Electricity 2KWPneumatic
SHR-50A50307/11750/1500 (510/1013)Electricity 4KW
SHR-100A1007514/22525/1050 (650/1300)Electricity 6KW
SHR-200A20015030/42490/980Electricity 6KW
SHR-300A30022540/55480/964Electricity 9KW
SHR-500A50037555/75441/886Electricity 9KW
SHR-1500C15001050200/280 enhanced0-660 (inverter)
SHR-2000C20001400315/450 enhanced0-660 (inverter)


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