YILI-36 length-diameter ratio series counter rotating parallel twin screw extruder introduces the newest technology from Germany. It is specially applied to counter rotating parallel twin screw extruder for extruding UPVC, PVC-UH, PVC- O pipes. Compared with the traditional counter rotating parallel twin screw extruders with the L/D ratio of 26 or 28, this product has higher unit power extrusion capacity and energy saving effect, better melt uniform mixing effect and plasticizing effect, wider processing window and flexibility for different raw materials, being an ideal equipment for extruding high-performance rigid PVC-UH pipes.



L/D 36:1 parallel, the preheating and plasticizing zone is lengthened by 30% to obtain a more uniform plasticizing quality.

30% bigger output extrusion.

Low formula requirements, Better plasticization quality.

The screw core adopts distilled water internal circulation temperature regulation system, which reduces the maintenance cost.

The exhaust system adopts the dual exhaust system of natural exhaust and vacuum exhaust.

The power consumption display monitors the energy consumption status constantly.

Equipped with a sensing and measuring device for melt pressure and melt temperature to realize separate detection.

SIEMENS PLC and LCD microcomputer control system.

Technical Specification:

ModelScrew Dia (mm)Screw L/DMotor Power (KW)Capacity (kg/hr)


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