Plastic Pipe Extrusion Lines

High speed PPR pipe production line for 20-63mm sizes with speed 20m/min
HDPE pipe production line working on 110mm sizes
Full Automatic Belling Machine for PVC pipes
Large Diameter HDPE high efficiency pole Production line
YILI Machine- PVC Pelletizing line
16-630mm Twin screw extruder PVC UPVC pipe production line
HDPE triple layer pipe production line co-extrusion
PVC high speed twin pipe line
SBG200-800 HDPE double wall corrugated pipe line
HDPE winding Pipe production line
PVC315 Pipe Production Line
PEG250 and PEG630 High speed PE pipe line
PE315 pipe line for Russia
High speed PE 315 pipe extrusion line
0:02 / 2:55 PPR high speed triple-layer pipe line