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Plastic extruder technology upgrade


The development of new technology is the driving force for an industry to move forward. At present, my country’s plastic extruder technology is continuously upgraded, ending the era of manual feeding. People can be freed from heavy physical labor and dusty environment. The work that was originally done manually is now automatically done by conveying equipment, etc., making a great contribution to the plastics industry.

Plastic extruder technology is continuously upgraded to relieve the dusty environment  

As China’s extruder machinery are closely linked to new strategic industries, they have the advantages of energy saving and high cost performance, and exports to developed countries are mainly low-end and medium-end products. This part of consumer demand is rigid. Therefore, the extruder industry development still has a large market space. Industry insiders said that in recent years, my country’s plastic machinery enterprises market will be more developed, the reputation will be further expanded, and the market competitiveness will be further improved. The proportion of exports to emerging countries will also greatly increase.

In the past two years, China’s plastic extruder market has also made great progress and breakthroughs. In the Chinese plastic machinery market, as an important processing equipment, extruders have a very decadent prospect. Chinese plastic machinery companies have expanded their exposure to extruders over the years. With the development of emerging markets, brand awareness has further increased, and market collaboration has been further enhanced to modify plastics, and the share of exports to emerging countries will also greatly increase.  

China’s plastic extrusion technology market is showing three notable characteristics: First, the industry’s attention to energy-saving technologies is increasing, and energy-saving and high-yield extruders have become an important direction of technological innovation; second, food and beverages , As well as new energy and other industrial fields for high-performance flexible packaging film demand continues to rise, pushing plastic film multi-layer co-extrusion technology to constantly innovate; third, China’s extrusion technology began to increase research and development efforts in the field of various supporting parts and auxiliary equipment , The pace of new technology application and expansion is accelerated, which promotes the rapid improvement of the overall technical level.

After long-term development, the international influence of my country’s plastic machinery industry has continued to increase, the ability to deal with trade protectionism has increased, and the level of manufacturing technology and overall strength have further improved. Therefore, my country’s extruder industry has many favorable conditions for foreign trade exports. 

At present, a variety of new energy-saving technologies have been applied to all aspects of extrusion technology, from the improvement of the screw structure of the extruder itself, to the application of new drive motors, and the application of various new heating technologies. Technology is developing in the direction of more energy saving and high yield.

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