PEPP Hard Plastics Recycling And Washing Line
The waste hard plastic recycling and washing line produced by YILI Machinery can treat various kind of hard plastic material, such as PE or PP bottles, IBC tanks, pipes, lumps, flakes, jugs, blocks, die head material, etc. The whole production line includes shredder, crusher, frication washer, floating tank, centrifugal dryer, etc, which have capacity from 300 to 5000 kg/hr. Our hard plastic washing line can assure a precise and efficient decontamination of waste plastics with both cold and hot washing system, adopting the most efficient recycling technologies. The final products after washing can reach very high quality, which can be used alone or blended with other materials into reprocess.

Applicable Material

Technical Specification

ModelCapacity (kg/hr)Power installed (Kw)Water consumption (ton/hr)Manpower


Main Machines For The Line

Belt conveyor

Both light and heavy duty type of belt conveyors can be chosen. Adopt gear box motor, with side walls to avoid material dropping. It has the option to install metal detector on the belt conveyor.


When the raw material is big, like films in bale, plastic big drums, tanks, we will choose shredder to make the preliminary grinding. For soft film material, after shredding, it can go to washing line directly, no need to put second time crushing. YILI supply series type of shredding with various capacity and functions to meet customers’ choices.


Crusher is to crush material into smaller sizes. It is with water to clean material and cool blades during crushing. Large materials are processed into small pieces in this module, which improves the washing result and makes the final product easy to packing.

Frication Washer

The frication washer is designed to wash the plastic in high speed with water, which can help to remove the contaminations, dirties, greases on the material efficiently. After frication washer, the material can go to floating tank for more cleaning.

Floating tank

The sediment and metal in the material can be effectively separated through this module. All the washing wheels with different designs to meet the washing function, speed with inverter control. Bottom with magnetic valve to discharge the dirties timely according to set. Material: stainless steel.

Centrifugal Dryer

Horizontal type of centrifugal dryer dry plastic films, flakes with high performance and low energy consumption. The grid mesh is with self-washing function by timer setting. It offers both washing and drying for material.

Hot air pipeline heating

Pipeline built in stainless steel, giving hot air inside to make further drying for material, decrease the moisture inside material.

What does it cost?

Our complete lines are custom designed to meet the specific features of your application and production needs. Contact our sales team today to get an accurate estimate for your project.