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Maintenance Knowledge of 10 Pieces of Plastic Extrusion Machinery and Equipment


It is necessary to perform maintenance on plastic extrusion machinery. This maintenance and maintenance must also be operated in accordance with certain regulations. This is conducive to the operation of machinery and equipment. At the same time, maintenance is performed in accordance with the relevant requirements of the corresponding technical and technical performance of the equipment. The equipment and personnel can effectively guarantee maximum safety.

1. Regularly check whether the amount of oil in the lubrication pump oil tank and the base oil tank is sufficient. Check the reliability of the lubrication system and lubricate the moving parts as specified. Maintenance is the same as plastic granulator.

2. Regularly check the pipeline for leaks and fastening conditions.

3. Plastic machinery and equipment often check whether the safety device of the machine is normal and effective, especially after replacing the mold, check whether the mechanical insurance has been adjusted accordingly. Regularly check the connection of the ground wire, the insulation of electrical components and the aging of the wires.

4. Regularly check the condition of the oil filter or packing, “clean and replace in a timely manner,” and always pay attention to whether the oil is contaminated and deteriorated. When the hydraulic oil becomes dark brown and emits an odor, it is a manifestation of oxidative deterioration, the hydraulic oil should be updated as soon as possible; when there are small black spots or transparent bright spots in the hydraulic oil, it means that there are impurities or metal powder mixed in, it should be filtered or oil changed .

5. The cooler needs to be soaked and cleaned with carbon tetrachloride solution every 5-10 months of operation.

6. Maintenance of important parts such as screw and barrel must be performed according to the instructions.

7. Inspection before equipment installation

The equipment is also made up of various components. “ Before installation ”. Check each equipment component, check the main steel structure, bearings, bolts and make a record of the surface condition of the parts.

8. Plastic machinery for delivery and maintenance of equipment

During the normal operation of the equipment, “ the daily and regular maintenance shall be performed according to the rules and regulations ”, and the daily maintenance is mainly responsible for cleaning, fastening, lubrication, adjustment, and corrosion prevention. This is a daily inspection and regular maintenance maintain and repair the machinery and equipment several times within the prescribed time, centering on cleaning, lubrication, adjustment, disassembly and maintenance.

9. Requirements for overhaul of plastic machinery

The overhaul of the equipment means that the equipment is severely worn or damaged, and the performance of the plastic extrusion machine is significantly reduced. At this time, the overhaul is performed. For example, the power performance of the machine is significantly reduced, the fuel consumption is increased, the operation is not good, the sound is under the condition of abnormality or the equipment has been unable to exert normal production performance, a comprehensive and thorough restorative repair method adopted at this time, overhaul should be carried out in accordance with regulations, and the work schedule should be arranged at the same time.

10. Scrap of plastic machinery and equipment

During the overhaul, there is a possibility of scrapping, and the maintenance professionals are responsible for implementing it. There must be records and inspections. For equipment that exceeds and is near the end of its life, a certificate of acceptance for overhaul inspection shall be provided before installation, and records of it shall be made.

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