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History of Plastic Machinery and Equipment


All kinds of machinery and devices used in plastic machinery, such as some general machinery and equipment for fluid and solid transportation, separation, crushing, grinding and drying, also play an important role in the plastic processing industry, so they are often listed as plastic machinery. In addition to the development of mechanical engineering and material science, the design and manufacture of modern plastic machinery are closely related to the development of plastic engineering theory.

History of plastic machinery and equipment

China’s plastic machinery industry began in the late 1950s. With the development of China’s petrochemical industry, China’s plastic machinery industry has gradually formed an independent industrial sector, and has begun to take shape. China has become the world’s largest producer of plastic machine parts, and Ningbo Haitian has become the world’s largest producer of injection molding machines. In recent years, the plastic machinery industry has developed rapidly. There are more than 1000 plastic machinery manufacturing enterprises in China, but there are about 400 enterprises with certain scale and strength. China’s plastic machinery industry has achieved a leap forward development through the “Tenth Five Year Plan” and expanded its industrial scale. For eight consecutive years, its main economic indicators have increased year by year. Its development speed and main economic indicators are among the top 194 industries under the jurisdiction of the machinery industry.

The good development prospect of plastic processing industry will still be the source power for the rapid development of China’s plastic machinery manufacturing industry. It is estimated that the annual growth rate of China’s demand for plastic machinery will be about 6% in the future, reaching 14.5 billion yuan by 2010. That is to say, China’s plastic machinery industry has a great potential for development and has a strong future, especially some models with high technology content, good performance and relatively moderate price, such as extra large, precision and special injection molding machines, low-temperature and high-power single screw extruders, multi-layer co extrusion blow molding machines used to produce high impermeability and heat-resistant packaging materials, and industrial parts (auto parts, etc.) Blow molding machinery and so on, all have very good development prospect.

Types of plastic machinery and equipment

According to the different mechanical strength, it can be divided into: large plastic machine, powerful plastic machine and super large plastic machine. According to the different objects, it can be divided into: beverage bottle slice washing machine, mineral water bottle slice washing machine. But the general plastic machinery is divided into extruder, injection molding machine and blow molding machine.

1、 Extruder

The plastic extrusion machine is used to extrude the molten plastic through a fixed shape extrusion port under the action of a screw and cut it after water cooling and finalization under the action of a traction machine. It is mainly used for the continuous production of a large number of products with the same cross section, such as pipes, rods, profiles, etc., and it can also be used for plastic modified granulation.

The basic mechanism of extrusion is simple – a screw rotates in the cylinder and pushes the plastic forward. The screw is actually a ramp or slope, wound around the center layer. The aim is to increase pressure in order to overcome greater resistance. As far as an extruder is concerned, there are three kinds of resistance to be overcome: the friction between solid particles (feed) on the cylinder wall and the friction between them when the screw rotates for the first few cycles (feed area); the adhesion of the melt on the cylinder wall; and the flow resistance inside the melt when it is pushed forward.

2、 Injection molding machine

Injection molding machine is to inject the molten plastic into the mold, after cooling, it is the product. It has a wide range of uses. According to the different plastics, different places of use are also different.

Plastic machinery is also known as plastic machinery, which can be confirmed from the positioning of plastic and plastic. In the eyes of industry people, plastic and plastic are one kind of things. Before, domestic factories were called plastic factories, while Hong Kong and Taiwan called plastic factories plastic companies. At present, in order to communicate with foreign businessmen conveniently, some foreign-funded enterprises in China basically also hang the brand of * * plastic * * Co., Ltd.

3、 Blow molding machine

Blow molding is a common method of manufacturing hollow thermoplastic products. The main products are cylinder membrane and hollow container. The blow molding machine can plasticize the preformed products by heating, and then enter the mold for blow molding. This method is mainly used in the production of PET bottles and BOPP bottles with high-speed and high-yield, i.e. two-step process. The blow molding machine can also be combined with the injection molding process to become an injection drawing blow machine, which is also a common method for producing containers in pet. The blow molding process can also be combined with the extrusion process, and the extrusion blow molding equipment The products include multilayer composite films and various polyolefin hollow containers, which are widely used in food, medicine and cosmetics industries.

4、 Granulator

The plastic granulation machine is a common plastic mechanical equipment. Its main types are 150 types of plastic self changing mesh granulator, 135 type plastic granulator, 175 plastic foam recovery granulator, automatic agitator granulator and foam granulation unit. The model 150 plastic self-changing net granulator is mainly used for recycling and pelleting of waste plastic. It is suitable for recycling and pelleting of waste plastic products such as high-pressure polyethylene, low-pressure polyethylene, polypropylene and foaming materials. 135 plastic granulator adopts advanced lubrication test, small wear, big tile seat, complete protection of bearings, easy operation and maintenance. Some problems need to be paid attention to during the operation of the machine: taboos to be paid attention to when starting the machine for the first time, pay attention to the temperature change of the fuselage at any time, and pay attention to find out the operation rules of the machine, etc. The performance of the 175 type plastic foam recovery granulator is stable and reliable. When the machine is used, the length of the intake water is controlled flexibly to ensure that it does not adhere after cutting. This unit is a process of grinding, plasticizing, stripping and granulating the foam, and its mechanical performance is stable and reliable, 100-130 kilograms per hour.

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