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HDPE, Material Determines Water Quality


HDPE pipe, also known as HDPE pipe, is a single-layer solid wall pipe. Compared with the traditional steel pipe and concrete pipe, it has many advantages, such as strong corrosion resistance, light weight, good sanitary performance, good low temperature impact resistance, etc. At the same time, it reduces the project cost and shortens the construction period.

YILI HDPE pipe adopts special pipe grade high-density polyethylene resin as raw material. The raw material has passed the strict Grading Test of GB / T 18252, and its hygienic performance meets the requirements of GB / t17219 system certification. It has a number of executive standards, construction design specifications and various performance advantages.

★ Good sanitary performance: HDPE pipe does not add heavy metal salt stabilizer, the material is non-toxic, without scaling layer, and does not breed bacteria, which better solves the secondary pollution of urban drinking water. Comply with GB / t17219 safety performance evaluation standard and relevant health and safety evaluation regulations of the Ministry of health;

★ Good chemical corrosion resistance: HDPE pipe production line can withstand the corrosion of various chemical media, and the chemical substances in the soil will not cause any degradation to the pipeline. Polyethylene is an electrical insulator, so it will not rot, rust or electrochemical corrosion; in addition, it will not promote the growth of algae, bacteria or fungi;

★ Reliable connection: the polyethylene pipe system is connected by hot-melt butt joint, and the strength of the joint is higher than that of the pipe body;

★ Easy to handle: HDPE pipe is lighter than concrete pipe, galvanized pipe and steel pipe. It is easy to handle and install. With lower manpower and equipment requirements, which means the installation cost of the project is greatly reduced;

★ Long service life: HDPE material has contact long-term heat-resistant stability. According to the international ISO9080 test, the service life of the extrapolated pipeline under the normal service pressure of 20 ℃ is more than 50 years.

The pipeline is like the human blood vessel in the continuous operation, which is related to the livelihood of the people and the healthy operation of the society, so it needs better pipeline products and high-quality projects. YILI HDPE pipe plays an outstanding role in the “social transport team” with its solid, reliable, sanitary and anticorrosive performance advantages. In the future, it will adhere to the responsibilities given by the society and contribute to the construction of social pipeline engineering.

Company Profile

Zhangjiagang City YILI Machinery Co.,ltd is a High-Tech company, which is composed of well-experienced team in R&D design, manufacturing technique and sales service, devoted in Plastic Machinery industry for more than 25 years with CE, TUV, SGS Certificates. It also excels in HDPE pipe production line, which used in water supply pipeline systems.

YILI machinery adopts European most-advanced technology and develops with its own technical strategy to ensure our HDPE Pipe extrusion line with typical features as unique structure, high configuration, highly automation, high efficiency , easy operation.

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