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Failure Analysis of Plastic Extruder


The plastic extruder is common plastic machinery and equipment. During the operation of the extruder, various failures will occur, affecting the normal production of plastic machinery. Below we will analyze the extruder failure.

First, the host current is unstable

1. Reasons for production:

The feeding may sometimes be uneven, and the main motor bearing needs to be lubricated well. If the bearing is damaged or not well lubricated, it will result in instability. It also depends very much on the heating process. If the heater of a certain area is not responding and is not heating up properly, it can result in failure. Screw adjustments also play a major part in the plastic extruder and can cause a huge impact on the overall interface

2. Processing method:

To process any such errors, it is important to check the feeder and eliminate the fault. You might also be required to overhaul the main motor and replace the bearing for effective diagnosis. Further, probe the heater and check if it is working properly otherwise replace the heater.Last,check the adjusting pad and pull out the screw to check whether there is interference.

Second,the main motor cannot be started

There can be various reasons as to why the main motor may not start such as;


There is a high chance that the driving procedure may be wrong, and there is a problem with the main motor thread. It is also possible that the fuse might be burned, so it better to check. After making sure you can check the interlocking devices that are related to the main motor function to getter a better insight into the motor and its compatibility.

2.Processing method:

To process, you must check the procedures and restart the vehicle in the advised driving order and check the main motor circuit. Lubrication plays a vital role in the mechanics of the machine, so check for the lubricating oil pump; if the oil pump is standby, then the motor will not work. If the induction power of the inverter is not discharged, then turn off the main power and wait for 5 minutes before starting. Then you may check whether the emergency button is reset.

Third,head discharge is not smooth or blocked


If the heater is not working, it may lead to the material being poorly plasticized. If the operating temperature is set low and the molecular weight distribution is unstable, then it will result in the machine not working properly. If there are any foreign objects that are not easily melted, that may also result in an unstable and undesirable result.

2.Processing method:

So to diagnose this issue, it is better to check the heater before switching on the machine and also to replace any heating components if required. Verify that the set temperature for each section is technically correct and gradually increase the temperature to dissolve any foreign objects. Clean the machine and inspect the extrusion system and machine head and HDPE. Many companies have a daily survey of the machine to make sure that the heating system is up to date and running before starting the extrusion.


There are many other reasons why the plastic extrusion machine might not be working properly, such as, inefficient heating time, large torques, damaged motor or SCRs rectifier is damaged, etc. You can look up for replacements for the main motor or replace the silicon controlled rectifier system to ensure that the machine works properly.

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