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SHL Series Cooling Mixer

The SHL series of cooling mixer from YILI Machinery combined with SHR series high speed mixer is widely used in mixing, drying, and coloring of various plastics. The PVC cooling mixer is also called PVC cooler mixer. It can cool materials fast, which have just finished mixing to get rid of special gases remained in the material. It’s beneficial for material storage, loading and after-processing. It is one of the necessary equipment in field of plastic processing. It is idea for you to use SHL series cooling mixer with advanced design, easy operation, safety and reliable performance, small size, light weight, high efficiency, low energy consumption, low noise and high corrosion resistance.

Advantage of Heating Cooling Mixer


ModelTotal Volume (L)Effective Volume (L)Motor power (kw)Main shaft speed (r/min)Cooling WayUnload way
SHL-200A2001307.5200By WaterPneumatic
SHL-500A50032011130By WaterPneumatic
SHL-800A80050015100By WaterPneumatic
SHL-1000A10006401586By WaterPneumatic
SHL-1600A1600105018.550By WaterPneumatic
SHL-2000A200012003065By WaterPneumatic
SHL-1000W10006501180By WaterPneumatic
SHL-1600W160010501580By WaterPneumatic
SHL-2000W2000130018.580By WaterPneumatic
SHL-2500W250016002280By WaterPneumatic
SHL-3500W350022003765By WaterPneumatic
SHL-4500W450029004550By WaterPneumatic
SHL-6000W600039007550By WaterPneumatic

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