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History of Plastic Machinery and Equipment

All kinds of machinery and devices used in plastic machinery, such as some general machinery and equipment for fluid and solid transportation, separation, crushing, grinding and drying, also play an important role in the plastic processing industry, so they are often listed as plastic machinery. In addition to the development of mechanical engineering and material […]

HDPE, Material Determines Water Quality

HDPE pipe, also known as HDPE pipe, is a single-layer solid wall pipe. Compared with the traditional steel pipe and concrete pipe, it has many advantages, such as strong corrosion resistance, light weight, good sanitary performance, good low temperature impact resistance, etc. At the same time, it reduces the project cost and shortens the construction period. […]

What is the material used in a plastic pipe?

The indoor household plumbing system has gone through extensive evolution in recent decades. In the mid-20th century, the most common material used for these pipes was metals and ceramics which was then replaced by copper pipes due to better properties and easy workability. With rapid advancements in the manufacturing of plastic, it became the primary […]

Maintenance Knowledge of 10 Pieces of Plastic Extrusion Machinery and Equipment

It is necessary to perform maintenance on plastic extrusion machinery. This maintenance and maintenance must also be operated in accordance with certain regulations. This is conducive to the operation of machinery and equipment. At the same time, maintenance is performed in accordance with the relevant requirements of the corresponding technical and technical performance of the equipment. […]

How to Clean, Change Color and Change Material of Plastic Extruder

How to properly clean the screw 1. Use a torch to clean the screw immediately after use The local heating of the acetylene flame will cause overheating of the screw side, which will cause the screw to bend. Most screws are made of 4140HT steel with tight tolerances, usually within 0.03mm. The straightness of the screw […]

China’s Plastic Extruder Industry Has Great Development

In China’s plastic machinery market, extruder is an important processing equipment. The development prospect is very optimistic. In the past two years, China’s plastic extruder market has made considerable progress and breakthroughs, as shown in the following: the expansion of the emerging markets for extruders, the brand awareness has further expanded, the market competitiveness has […]

Is a plastic pipe as good as copper?

One of the most important choices to make while deciding on any plumbing system is the material used for the pipes. The top two contenders for this choice have been plastic or copper pipes due to their favorable properties for this specific application. There are a lot of differences between the properties of these two […]

Is a black plastic pipe PVC or ABS?

Plastic pipes are commonly used for household plumbing systems as they are comparatively inexpensive than metal pipes. Plastic has a lower melting point so it is easier to mold it in different shapes and they are relatively more flexible than other materials. However, there are a lot of different types of plastics that can be […]

YILI Machinery Is Going to Attend CHINAPLAS 2020

Good news! Zhangjiagang City YILI Machinery Co., Ltd is going to attend CHINAPLAS 2020. We will have our booth there and professional workers of YILI Machinery will make specific introduction about our company and products. We are looking forward to meeting you there. The exhibition will start on 21-24 in April 2020. Its address is National Exhibition and […]

Advantages of PVC Pipes

PVC pipes takes PVC-U pipes for drainage, which are made of polyvinyl chloride resin as the main raw material. They are added with necessary additives and formed through extrusion processing. It is a building drainage pipe with high strength, good stability, long service life and high cost performance. It can be applied to building drainage, […]